Heidi Heydt

Heidi Heydt

Collaborative Partner

Heidi’s journey spans a remarkable 21-year tenure in the U.S. Air Force, culminating in her retirement in 2017. Her global odyssey took her through 44 countries, enriching her experiences and shaping her worldview. Amidst her career, she pursued academic excellence, earning a Masters in Public Health, a testament to her unwavering dedication and thirst for knowledge.

Outside her military endeavors, Heidi delved into the world of horsemanship, amassing three years of immersive experience. Her adeptness in this realm underscores her affinity for the profound connections between humans and horses, fueling her fervor for facilitating healing and wellness through equine therapy.

At her ranch, Heidi finds solace amid nature’s embrace, a respite from life’s hustle, complemented by the joys of reading and cherished moments shared with her family and beloved pups. Her firsthand understanding of the therapeutic impact horses have on veterans healing from PTSD ignited a passion for volunteerism and program support.

Guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence cultivated during her military service, Heidi seamlessly integrates these principles into every facet of her life. Her unwavering dedication extends to her fellow veterans, as she currently serves as a Certified Peer Support Specialist at the Veterans Affairs in Salt Lake City, Utah. In this pivotal role, she channels her focus towards nurturing healing and wellness among veterans grappling with PTSD, leveraging her own experiences to uplift and support others on their path to recovery.