About Us


We Promote Mental Fitness and Personal Growth Through Equine Assisted Activities and Wellness Programs.


Innovative approach builds on the unique bond between humans and horses, leveraging that bond with both mental and physical interactions.


Providing an individualized and unique wellness approach to empower the cultivation of resilience, self-awareness, and mental fitness.


Community & Family

Building a community and family beyond blood relations is crucial to create a safe and inclusive space for individuals and animals. Prioritize enlightening individuals about healthy relationships as well as the concept of “chosen family”.


Accepting and valuing everyone regardless of background, identity or abilities; educating ourselves about different communities and practices while fostering an environment of acceptance and understanding. Creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all individuals while promoting diversity, inclusion, equity and ability.


Recognizing the powerful impact of language on those around us, and understanding the use of appropriate vocabulary to promote inclusivity, love and respect with our community; all while demonstrating professionalism and building stronger relationships.


Is crucial for overall well-being. Value the importance of “me time” for mindfulness activities (meditation, reflection) as tools to cultivate inner calm, gain self-awareness, enhance happiness and sense of balance within oneselves.


Respect is not just being polite or courteous to others, but also actively listening, valuing opinions and honoring boundaries. By creating this culture, individuals feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, feelings as well as having their voices heard and respected.


Love is infused into all aspects of our work, creating a warm, welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and supported. We aim to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve and in the world at large.

High Standards

We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, striving to provide our clients with the best possible care through high-quality services, while embodying qualities such as inter gritty, respect and accountability in all interactions while maintaining those same standards in every aspect of our work.


Adapting to changing circumstances and recognizing that flexibility allows us to respond to new opportunities, challenges and situations in a productive, creative and effective way. Striving to approach each situation with a clear and open mind, taking time to reflect while considering the needs and goals of others. Believing the ability to flex is a crucial aspect of personal and professional development can help achieve greater success, fulfillment and happiness in all areas of our lives.


Nature based experiences allow individuals to connect with the natural world; creating a self-sustaining ecosystem by implementing agricultural biodynamic practices.

Animal welfare

Dedicated to promoting education and providing resources to enhance the lives of animals. Providing general pet education, promoting compassionate and responsible animal partnership.

Equellness Team Qualifications

Our diverse and talented team at Equellness is highly qualified to serve a broad community with various needs. Here’s a snapshot of our collective qualifications:

Foundational course completion in the Masterson Method of equine bodywork.

Certified Horse Powered Reading facilitator, with additional certifications in Trauma Informed Care and Youth Training care. All team members are certified in CPR and First Aid.

ESMHL (Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning) and CTRI (Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor) certifications, accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) through PATH Internationally - Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship Association.

NLC-EP Natural Lifemanship Certification - Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Learning for Equine Professional.

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher certification from both the Awareness Training Institute and the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

EAGALA, Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association with special distinction as Military Service Provider.

Our Team

Alejandra Lara

Executive Director

Owner of Park City Horse Experience, co-founder of REINS. Over 20 years of experience in Equine Assisted Activities for Personal Development incorporating Horses. Experiences in Park City, Utah, and Chile. Awarded Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International PATH Intl. in 2018.

Kat Bergmann

Co-Founder and Board Member

Kat is a passionate individual with a deep love for horses and therapeutic equine activities. She has dedicated herself to exploring the benefits of these activities, and has seen firsthand the transformative power they can have on individuals facing a range of challenges.

Lexie Pearce

Director of Children’s Programming

Meet Lexie, a passionate educator with a Waldorf education background who has recently discovered her love for equine assisted learning. With over six years of experience teaching in the PCSD preschools and Waldorf schools.

Nyle Webb

Horse Coach and Barn Manager

Meet Nyle, a dedicated and experienced barn manager and horse coach with over 40 years of experience in the equestrian world. Nyle has always had a love for horses since a young age and has dedicated his life to working with them.

Kimberley Labertew

Board Member/Collaborative Partner

Kim has her MBA, worked as a management consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton and CSC Index for over 25 years in different leadership roles, industries, and countries.  In 2019, she decided it was time for a change.

Michael Weiss

Collaborative Partner

With over a decade of experience in addiction and mental health treatment, Michael Weiss is not just a professional, but a fellow traveler on the road to recovery.   As the founder of a thriving consulting business, Michael wears many hats.

Heidi Heydt

Collaborative Partner

Heidi’s journey spans a remarkable 21-year tenure in the U.S. Air Force, culminating in her retirement in 2017. Her global odyssey took her through 44 countries, enriching her experiences and shaping her worldview.

Meet our Herd

We are delighted to introduce you to the incredible horses at the Equellness Center. Our herd consists of three remarkable Norwegian Fjord horses, Sven, Ole, and Willow. Fjords are known for their distinctive appearance, compact yet muscular bodies, thick manes and tails, and their beautiful dun coloration. These Fjords have a rich heritage in Norway, where they were bred for farm work and navigating the rugged fjord terrain. Today, their versatility and gentle disposition make them perfect for therapeutic work.

Joining our team is also a Quarter Horse, Vegas, who has quickly become a beloved partner in our Equine Assisted Activities. This majestic addition brings a new dimension to our program, enriching the healing and support our clients receive through their gentle presence and innate wisdom.

Each horse, whether it’s a Norwegian Fjord or a Quarter Horse, possesses their own intelligence, sensitivity, and unique personality. They astound us daily with their healing power and the profound impact they have on our clients’ well-being.

We warmly invite you to visit the Equellness Center and meet our extraordinary herd, including our three Norwegian Fjord horses and our cherished Quarter Horse. Prepare to be captivated by their magic and witness firsthand the transformative experiences they provide.

Our Equine Partners are:

A herd animal who depends on interconnected and complex relationships

A mammal who craves connection and authenticity

A highly sensitive creature who relies on ongoing, subtle, and embodied communication

A sentient being, an individual, with their own wants, needs, and histories— including their own wounds to heal.

The outstanding attributes of our equine partners establish an environment conducive to the flourishing of relationships with oneself and others. We have meticulously chosen our horse partners for their distinctive qualities:

1. Gentle Temperament: Fjords are known for their friendly and calm demeanor.
2. Surefootedness: Adapted to the rugged terrain of Norway, Fjord horses excel in navigating challenging landscapes.
3. Strength and Endurance: Robust and sturdy, Fjord horses display remarkable strength and endurance.
4. Rich Shared History with Humans: With a history dating back thousands of years, the Fjord horse is considered one of the oldest and purest breeds, retaining many of its original characteristics.

These attributes collectively render our Fjord horse partners exceptional companions in the wellness activities at the Equellness Center.

Why horses

Horses, as honest, transparent, non-judgmental, and sensitive sentient beings with heightened awareness of their environment, play a crucial role in our Equine Assisted Activities. They act as partners, responding to the quality of presence and genuine relationship by reading and reacting to situations and social dynamics in a unique way.

Engaging with horses during these activities allows participants to gain insight into their behaviors and provides opportunities to practice and integrate new ways of being in relationships. The immediate feedback from the horses offers valuable insights, enabling participants to observe and learn from the relationships they experience.

The horse pays close attention to the client, creating a back-and-forth connection where both respond, forming a special bond. This interaction is like a dance, following scientifically-supported principles of equine-assisted therapy. Meanwhile, the horse subtly adjusts its position, making a safe space for the relationship as clients explore challenges and self-discoveries. Importantly, the Equellness Center ensures an environment without judgment, shame, or embarrassment.