Equellness Kids

Our Vision

Equellness Kids is a comprehensive after school program for 8-12 year olds, designed to empower children in their life journey, fostering character development through a unique blend of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Horsemanship, and Horseback Riding.

Multi-Faceted Pathway to Positive Growth

Equellness Kids is dedicated to empowering children in their comprehensive development—physical, emotional, and mental. We integrate nature-based experiences, positive psychology, and a structured curriculum, emphasizing essential social-emotional learning (SEL) skills.

In crafting our program, we purposefully integrate the fundamental principle of positive psychology; that is, to enhance each child’s overall well-being, resilience, and the pursuit of a flourishing life. 

Nature-based activities contribute to a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Participants engage in:

Mindfulness practices

Gratitude exercises

Collaborative endeavors

Our structured program, incorporating evidence based curriculums such as the CASEL framework and Dr. Bruce Smith’s Positive Psychology manual:

Emphasizes strengths

Fosters a growth mindset

Encourages a sense of accomplishment

By actively promoting positivity, resilience, and emotional well-being, Equellness Kids not only cultivates character growth, but also establishes a foundation for a flourishing and joyful journey through childhood.

Our Approach

Equellness Kids integrates Social Emotional Learning seamlessly into its program, guiding participants through Horsemanship and Riding. This unique approach not only advances their equestrian journey but also cultivates crucial skills like independence, self-management, and responsibility.

Equellness Kids provides a chance for children to disconnect and embrace a slower pace through mindful activities like horsemanship, horseback riding, and engaging group exercises, fostering a stronger connection with themselves and others.

What Will Your Child Gain?

Equellness Kids provides an experience that extends beyond equestrian skills, aiming to nurture comprehensive development in children. Through a unique blend of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Horsemanship, and Riding, your child will gain:

Comprehensive Development:

The program is designed to empower children in their personal journey while fostering character development. It integrates nature-based experiences, elements of positive psychology, and a varied curriculum.

Character Growth:

Equellness Kids actively promotes positivity, resilience, and emotional well-being, laying the foundation for a flourishing and joyful journey through childhood.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL):

The heart of Equellness Kids lies in SEL. Aligned with CASEL's evidence-based framework, the program seamlessly integrates the five core competencies—Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making—into both horsemanship and riding components.

Independence and Self-Management:

Participants progress through riding skills, showcasing independence and self-management. The emphasis on independent control reinforces skills like regulating the body, energy, determination, and contributing to overall self-management.

Interpersonal Skills:

Participating in tasks and chores with horses and fellow group members nurtures the development of positive relationships, cooperation, effective communication, empathy, active listening, and heightened awareness of others.

Mindfulness Practices:

Nature-based activities, gratitude and mindfulness practices contribute to a positive and uplifting atmosphere, allowing children to unplug, embrace a slower pace, and cultivate self and interpersonal empathy.

Growth Mindset:

The structured program emphasizes strengths, fosters a growth mindset, and encourages a sense of accomplishment, promoting a positive and resilient approach to challenges.

In summary, Equellness Kids offers a well-rounded program that not only advances your child’s equestrian journey but also nurtures essential life skills, emotional intelligence, and positive character traits.

Alignment with Social Emotional Learning

Equellness Kids aligns seamlessly with the CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) framework, integrating the five core competencies:


This involves recognizing and understanding one’s emotions, as well as having a clear understanding of personal strengths and limitations.


This element focuses on the ability to regulate and control one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. It includes skills like impulse control and stress management.

Social Awareness

Social awareness involves being attuned to and understanding the feelings, perspectives, and needs of others. It emphasizes empathy and an appreciation for diversity.

Relationship Skills

This element revolves around the ability to establish and maintain healthy and positive relationships. It includes effective communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution.

Responsible Decision-Making

Responsible decision-making involves considering ethical standards, safety concerns, and the well-being of oneself and others when making choices. It encourages thoughtful and constructive decision-making processes.

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