Summer Camp

Our Vision

Nature-based camp, for 8-12 year olds, where mindful activities like horsemanship, horseback riding, art, and gardening foster an opportunity for self-reflection, empathy development, and the acquisition of valuable life and social-emotional skills.

Equellness Center: Nurturing Well-being Through Nature's Classroom

In today’s world, children are increasingly indoors, leading to reduced outdoor interaction and physical activity. This disconnect from nature results in dysregulated children. At the Equellness Center, we advocate for children spending more time outdoors, immersed in nature’s inherent learning opportunities, for their well-being.

Fostering curiosity and observation skills

Promoting physical activity and motor development

Encouraging creativity through outdoor play

Teaching environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility

Our Approach

We believe nature is the best classroom and as such, strive to provide children many moments in which the outdoors, pleasure, and learning can be woven together.

Our nature based and experiential camp incorporates mindful activities such as


Horseback Riding

Arts and Crafts



These activities offer children a chance to unplug, embrace a slower pace, cultivate self and interpersonal empathy, and ultimately build social-emotional skills that will serve them throughout life.

Holistic Learning

We offer an alternative platform in which children can engage their five senses while developing the people skills that allow us to understand, share, and “play well” with others. Such skills are necessary for effective communication, collaboration and teamwork.


Language skills enable children to effectively communicate, express their thoughts and emotions, and collaborate with peers during play, fostering positive social interactions.


Empathy skills allow children to understand and respond to the feelings of others, promoting kindness, cooperation, and successful social interactions during play


Listening skills enhance children’s ability to understand instructions, share ideas, and respond appropriately, fostering smoother communication and positive interactions during play.

Social-emotional learning

Social-emotional learning skills equip children with tools to manage emotions, navigate relationships, and communicate effectively, contributing to positive play experiences and interactions with others.

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