Children Programs

Slower Pace of Life

The Equellness Center is an organization who believes that a child’s wellbeing benefits from a slower pace of life. 

Today’s youth live in a society that expects them to do more, want more, and be more. This, in turn, often creates undue stress and anxiety. 

We invite your child to the Equellness Center; a place of refuge where a child can learn to:

Listen to their body

Connect with others

Learn to self regulate

Our mission is to equip children with valuable social and emotional learning applicable throughout their life’s journey.

Our Approach

Our children’s programs focus on strengthening children’s mental fitness by weaving social emotional learning into horsemanship, riding, and other wellness activities.

This is done through horsemanship, riding, and group activities. The primary goal is to foster character development, imparting life skills through equestrian activities. 

What Will Your Child Gain?

The Equellness Center provides a unique platform for children to cultivate sensory engagement while honing essential people skills. Our programs foster language proficiency, empathy, active listening, and social emotional competence. Such skills are vital for effective communication, collaboration, and teamwork.  Children acquire these abilities through a range of engaging activities:


Rhythmic riding

Mindfulness practices

Experiential activities and play


Arts and crafts



Hoga (Horse Yoga)



Guiding children aged 2-5 through horsemanship, group bonding, and nature activities to cultivate essential social and emotional skills.

Hoofbeats & Books

An innovative after-school program for 6-8 year olds, blending literacy and Equine Assisted Activities to enhance well-being, reading skills, and social-emotional learning.

Kids’ Summer Camp

Nature-based camp, where mindful activities like horsemanship, horseback riding, art, and gardening foster an opportunity for self-reflection, empathy development, and the acquisition of valuable life and social-emotional skills.

Equellness Kids

Comprehensive after school program designed to empower children, 9-12 yrs, in their life journey, fostering character development through a unique blend of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Horsemanship, and Horseback Riding.

Ready to embark on a new adventure?

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