How It Works

The Equellness Integrated Equine Assisted Activities and Wellness Approach

At the Equellness Center, our purpose-driven programs aim to assist both people and horses through the science and art of connected relationships. We provide principles and a knowledge foundation deeply rooted in relational neuroscience, empowering our clients with the tools to make informed choices. This fosters personalized, relational, and healing responses in all aspects of their relationships.

A horse’s response is intricately subtle, adjusting their proximity to create a safe space for relationships as clients navigate their internal challenges and self-discoveries. Crucially, the Equellness Center fosters an environment free from judgment, shame, or embarrassment.

Our programs focus on principles applicable to ….

Nonverbal and Verbal Communication





Setting ourselves apart from conventional equine therapy centers that primarily cater to individuals with physical or mental disabilities, our approach stands as unique, as we also integrate principles for mental fitness and wellness as part of our approach to a whole healthy and thriving person. We prioritize the establishment of a secure environment for both children and adults aspiring to elevate and nurture their mental fitness and overall well-being. Our methodology seamlessly integrates evidence-based tools through a diverse array of wellness methods, encompassing equine-assisted activities, rhythmic horseback riding, horse relationship & connection activities, and psychotherapy incorporating horses.

We provide a sanctuary for our clients to:

Cultivate the skill of listening to their bodies

Engage in the practice of various tools for self-regulation

Foster authentic connection through the art of relationships

Acquire knowledge of evidence-based approaches to wellness


In the Equellness Method, the collaborative interaction among the horse, client, and equine professional, therapist or coach acts as a guiding force, ushering clients into a state of serenity and emotional safety. Within this nurturing environment, individuals have the opportunity to transcend automatic reactions, reshaping their perspective toward a more balanced and embodied response. This intricate process involves the establishment of new neural pathways and the fortification of existing beneficial synapses.


In our methodology, the collaborative interaction between the trauma informed equine professional, coach or therapist guides clients toward a journey of self-discovery, and mental fitness utilizing gentle processes, psychoeducation, and a foundation of emotional safety.


Horses possess an innate ability to objectively read people, a skill honed through their constant observation of the environment as prey animals. Their heightened awareness of their surroundings is evident in subtle responses such as moving closer or farther away, creating a safe space for conscious relationships to unfold. During this process, individuals can delve into and confront their inner challenges without the burden of judgment, shame, or embarrassment.

Wellness Modalities

This is achieved through various modalities, including:

Groundwork with Horses
Mindful Horsemanship®
Rhythmic Horseback Riding
Equine-assisted relationship and connection activities
Rhythmic Drumming

Additionally, we integrate a diverse range of evidence-based wellness approaches such as mindfulness, drumming, breath practices, rhythmic and conscious movement, therapeutic art, and nature-based activities and processes for both individuals and groups.

Science of Relationship

The Equellness Center’s approach to equine-assisted activities is rooted in evidence-based insights derived from the science of relationships.

Drawing on evidence-based insights based on the science of relationships from horse-human, this process enables clients to replace automatic reactions, facilitating a shift in perspective towards a more embodied and authentic response. This transformative journey involves the creation of new neural pathways and the fortification of existing synapses, aligning with contemporary findings in the field.

Relationship Principles over Techniques

At the Equellness Center, we prioritize principles over techniques, emphasizing a process of bottom-up and inside-out transformation. Our approach is rooted in relational neuroscience, providing clients with a knowledge foundation to make informed choices. This empowers personalized, relational, and healing responses in all aspects of their relationships. We also incorporate trauma-informed learning, supporting clients through a trauma-informed lens and fostering a meaningful relationship with our equine partners.

“Incorporate and embody the principles of deep connection and relationship with yourself, your partner, children, teammates, community, and your equine partners through purpose-driven learning.”

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Explore trauma-informed equine assisted activities, trauma-informed equine-assisted learning, and trauma-focused equine-assisted psychotherapy as integral components of our comprehensive approach.