Lexie Pearce

Lexie Pearce

Director of Children’s Programming

Meet Lexie, a passionate educator with a Waldorf education background who has recently discovered her love for equine assisted learning. With over six years of experience teaching in the PCSD preschools and Waldorf schools, Lexie has a deep appreciation for holistic and experiential education, and believes in the power of outdoor learning to support children’s social, emotional, and academic growth.

Lexie’s interest in equine assisted learning (EAL) was sparked when she moved back to her hometown of Park City and an opportunity to grow the Children’s Programming at The Equellness Center opened up. She witnessed the transformational impact that horses had on individuals’ self-awareness and personal growth, and inspired by this experience, Lexie decided to explore this field further.

Now, Lexie combines her background in Waldorf education with the EAL expertise of Executive Director, Alejandra, creating unique and engaging programs that focus on outdoor learning and experiential education. She believes that horses have an innate ability to mirror and respond to human emotions, and incorporates this understanding into her teaching approach.

Whether working with children or adults, Lexie’s approach is grounded in a deep respect for the individual and a commitment to supporting their growth and development. She believes that learning happens best when it is fun, engaging, and meaningful, and strives to create experiences that are all three.

When she’s not working with horses and students, Lexie can be found spending time in nature with her husband and two children and working with her hands, whether that’s with food, yarn, paints or plants!  She believes that the natural world has much to teach us, and is passionate about sharing this knowledge with others through her work in equine assisted learning.